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We never know which films to cover since there are so many channels Streaming Roulette

We never know which films to cover since there are so many channels so please note that we welcome comments and requests for more in-depth coverage of new-to-streaming titles.  June is looking very strong (nice change of pace) for streaming fun so we'll have so much to discuss.

Okay, time for this month's streaming roulette. You know the rules. We highlight new-to-streaming movies and an occasional TV series by freezing them on the scroll bar at entirely random places and just sharing what pops up. No cheating*!

The hulls not designed to deal with that pressure so what happens [SOUND] she splits, right down to the keel. And the stern falls back level. Then as the bow sinks, it pulls the stern vertical and then finally detaches... 

TITANIC (1997) on Netflix

Do you also forget about the long prologue to Titanic? I do. One of my fondest memories of moviegoing with my family is watching my dad fall in love with this movie...

He complained on the way to the theater but absolutely loved all the historical and science bits like this. It truly was an "all-quadrant" crowd-pleaser. The whole family loved it but everyone had different favourite parts. We'll be discussing this modern classic for Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Thursday June 16th) and for the 1997 Supporting Actress Smackdown (currently undated but toward the end of June or early July).

-How do you like it?

-Well... I don't know much about all this. But with the lights and all it's kind of exciting.

SUMMER STOCK (1950) on Criterion Channel

Gene Kelly credited Judy Garland with teaching him how to act for the camera (his film debut was in one of her pictures, For Me and My Gal after he'd broken out on Broadway) and they made three films together. This was their final picture together and for a while it threatened to be Judy's last picture. We'll discuss it soon on the Judy @ 100 Centennial special.

I said Monday at 8 PM, baby. Now don't be naughty!

KLUTE (1971) on HBOMax

Okay so here's the apologetic scoop. We were going to do a giant thing for Klute's 50th anniversary last year (it was released in June '71) and I biffed it. As penance, we're having a "Klute week" from June 20th-23rd culminated in the season finale of Hit Me With Your Best Shot. If you've never seen it or haven't seen it in years and year now is REALLY the time. 

c'mon I dont have any pictures of you. You're gorgeous. It's really rather irritating.


Memories of this one are so tied to Elizabeth Olsen's emergence -- god, she was wonderful and haunting in this -- that I'd completely forgotten that Sarah Paulson and Hugh Dancy are in it until streaming roulette landed here. My most specific memory of this movie's release is meeting Olsen during a luncheon for her Oscar campaign and we chatted about... Michelle Pfeiffer (since we're both enormous fans). 2011's Best Actress lineup will never not be frustrating due to how many amazing performances were in the mix and what we ended up with instead. 

Consider all the lead actresses in the mix in 2011 and what they were up for (*indicates win. I've included our own Film Bitch Awards to be cheeky)... how to even choose? And would you choose differently today then you did back then? 

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